Beauty Care


get noticed. for all the right reasons.

Eye-catching foil stamping, intricate embossing and flashy coatings all help to mesmerise customers and help boost sales. We thrive on creating new possibilities and offering solutions that are truly unique.

We highly value confidentiality and maintain an environment in which all of our clients feel like they can explore options that will make them stand out from their competitors. 

where packaging is never just a box.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want, or if you may need more creative guidance, our structural design team is here to help.

Always eager to explore the various facets of packaging, no material or shape is too unusual. 

Our graphic design team is eager to make your visions come to life

Edelmann helps brands to create packaging that makes opening boxes an exciting experience, not a means to an end.



An ever changing retail landscape.

Sales don't just happen in-store anymore. With ever-changing digital platforms and cross-retail channels, the demands for packaging now far transcend their traditional purpose as a protective barrier for the primary product. The challenge is to create a packaging experience that enchants customers on shelves as well as on various digital screens. We can help to create dazzling packaging for a real show-stopping performance. 

flexible beauty

The cosmetics and beauty industry often faces quick changes and demands brands to adapt quickly. With a high level of flexibility and quick turnover, alongside our global procurement, Edelmann can deliver solutions that don't only look fabulous, but also get to their point-of-sale on time.


unparalleled customer service.

We value our customers and their business and take great pride in being attentive and detail oriented. We are happy to offer prototypes and mock-ups to valued customers in order to help with various steps of your process to improve the decision making process. This enables us to work on a quicker time-to-market.