Health Care


Packaging that protects.

The rigorous demands of pharmaceutical packaging require responsible handling and a strong, trust-based relationship with all customers. Edelmann continuously develops methods to adhere to national and international regulations and to convert the legislator's requirements into efficient processes.

Edelmann works with all customers to create folding cartons meeting the various requirements of this sensitive market. A long history in working with some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies has enabled Edelmann to develop packaging and process solutions for all market segments, including OTC medication, prescription packaging, diagnostics and generics.

consistency and flexibility.

Edelmann fulfils the necessary supplier requirements for prescription and OTC medication. Our flexibility ensures rapid turnover and reliable availability from development to delivery. Customers can rely on a knowledgeable consultation process and outstanding customer service to ensure products have a short time-to-market, high efficiency and quality.

innovation for safety.

Edelmann is a health care system provider. Our Technical Design Center conceptualises and produces innovative solutions that protect the end-user. With our extensive global network, we benefit from having extensive knowledge of the industry, enabling us to deliver solutions in the field of tamper evident packaging and counterfeit-proof packaging.