Consumer Brands


stand out in a crowd.

Packaging needs to be more than just a protective case - it needs to captivate and engage with the consumer. Our in-house structural and graphic design teams all experts in creating packaging that adds value and leaves customers wanting more. Our high-end treatments, detailed embossing and unique structures, alongside countless paperboard options ensure you get to stand out in any crowd.


no time to waste.

Edelmann offers flexibility and unparalleled international procurement to customers, allowing the to gain access to a tremendous supply of packaging solutions. We want to help you to create packaging experiences that mirror the contents of your product. Our team can offer essential project management, enabling a rapid turnover and short time-to-market. 

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special in every way.

At Edelmann, we thrive on new challenges and opportunities. No matter the material or shape, we are eager to develop and manufacture packaging for special projects such as collector's editions and gifts. Thanks to our vast international network, we are able to source unique materials and manufacture locally, ensuring packaging solutions arrive on time.

delightful experiences.

We celebrate packaging and know that others do too. More than ever before, packaging is moving into the spotlight as consumers acknowledge its influencing powers. Folding cartons and rigid boxes do not merely protect your product, they enhance it and create brand value.