supply chain management

process optimization

Our customers, competitors and markets are global, and as digitalization continues to advance, we've aligned our processes and business models to these conditions. Our Supply Chain Management office at our headquarters in Heidenheim is at the highest level of the company so we can constantly look for opportunities to improve our products and services in today's rapidly changing environment.

The outstanding quality of our products and innovations is not the only factor in our competitiveness. Also crucial is the quality and speed of our processes. We analyze the entire process chain from determining and understanding the requirements of the customer right through to fulfilling the customer's needs.

The key here is the step-by-step processing of all areas. These range from incoming goods logistics and supplier management, through contract management, resource and production planning, and logisitcs to issues such as project management, control using defined performance indicators, cost management and the establishment of a CIP structure applying LEAN and SixSigma methods.

One of our core duties is to support everybody involved in the process and to equip them with the necessary skills and training. All this, plus our agility and thirst for innovation, is how we establish trusting, lasting relationships with both our customers and partners. That ultimately secures our sustained success.